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Charter Schools

Alternative Choices in Education works with teachers who are approved vendors for the following Charter Schools:

If you do not see your charter, please inquire with us.

Non-charter families are welcome to pay with cash, check, PayPal.​

Our Partners: Charter Schools: About Us

Do I need a Charter School?

You do not need a Charter School in order to homeschool your children. But some parents prefer to use Charter Schools to support their homeschooling journey. A few of the benefits of using a Charter School are:

  • Funds: bout $2800 per student per year depending on the Charter School. 

  • Record Keeping: Charter Schools generate report cards every semester and can generate a transcript for your child when needed.

  • Support and Accountability: Each family is assigned and Educational Facilitator. Parents and Children meet with this person to go over what has been covered each month.

Charter Schools require that you obtain approval for classes before they begin in order for them to be covered by Charter School funds. Parents are responsible for all class fees that are not covered by charter school funds. After you register for classes at ACE make sure you work with your Educational Facilitator in order to get those classes paid for with your Charter School funds.  

Our Partners: Charter Schools: About Us
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