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Our Policies

Dropping and/or switching classes

Students may request to drop or switch to a new class within two weeks of the semester. If a class is dropped entirely without moving to a new class, there will be a $50 fee charged for each class that is dropped. 


To help avoid extra costs, please be sure to thoroughly read class descriptions and ask any questions about specific classes before signing up. 

Charter schools and parent financial responsibilities

If the charter school does not cover all costs for a student, the parents are responsible for any balance due. This may include drop fees for any classes that were dropped and any classes that were not paid in full by the charter school. 

Student Discipline Policies

At ACE, we strive to create a culture of kindness. One of our goals is to help children learn the skills that empower them to interact with other children and adults in positive and respectful ways, even when they have disagreements. 


We have one simple rule: Respect yourself, others, and your environment. 


To do this, we must:

  1. Treat the ACE community (students, teachers, staff, parents) with great respect and care.

  2. Treat all classroom materials, indoors and out, with great respect and care. 

  3. Keep the environment (classroom, bathrooms, outdoors, shared spaces) clean and orderly. 

  4. Work quietly in the classroom to respect the work of others. 


A student’s behavior becomes a problem when their actions disrupt the classroom environment and affect the positive values and culture of ACE. For the safety and well-being of the entire ACE community including all students, teachers, and staff, the following are examples of behavior that would need to be addressed:


  1. Physical aggression of any kind

  2. Verbal abuse of any kind

  3. Intentionally disrupting the learning environment 

  4. Misuse or abuse of classroom materials or playground equipment or any other campus property 

  5. Intentionally not following directions in the classroom or on the playground 

  6. Encouraging others to break rules 

  7. Disrupting or impeding the work of others 

  8. Showing rudeness or disrespect to others 


At ACE, we work diligently to set students up for success, both academically and socially. As such, we use positive discipline techniques like:


  1. Provide engaging activities to keep the students involved 

  2. Discussion with the child providing gentle explanations and reminders

  3. Positive reinforcement and encouragement

  4. Redirection to another activity

  5. Provide a quiet time with a site manager for the child to collect themselves until they are ready to join the class again (this time may include taking a short walk, deep breathing exercises, verbal processing, etc.)


Occasionally, a parent may be called to pick their child up early for the day if the above techniques are not successful in stopping disruptive behavior.

Chronic Disruptive Behavior


We will make every effort to work with students having difficulties at ACE by using the positive discipline techniques stated above. However, we are here to serve and protect ALL of our students. Students displaying chronic disruptive behavior which has been determined to be upsetting to the physical or emotional well-being of another child/class may require the following actions:


Initial consultation:

  • The parents will be asked to meet for a conference with ACE leadership.  The problem will be identified and a course of action established to resolve the situation.

Second consultation:

  • After 2 weeks of no improvement and the initial plan for helping the student fails, the parent(s) will again be required to meet with ACE leadership.  Another attempt will be made to identify the problem, outline new approaches to the problem, and discuss the consequences if progress is not apparent.

  • If, after 4 weeks and 2 conferences, the student is unable to participate in group experiences, the discipline problems continue, the student poses a threat to self, staff or other students in the program and it is determined that all possibilities have been exhausted and that the student is incompatible with our program, the student may be dismissed from ACE, either temporarily or permanently. Dismissal decisions are made by the owners of ACE and are final. 

  • If a student is dismissed from ACE due to chronic disruptive behavior, no refunds for classes will be given. 

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