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If you would like one-on-one support,
or need more information,
or just want someone to talk to,
we are available for phone consultations.
First 15 minutes free. $45/hour after that.

Martha Zittel


Martha is warm and comforting. 

But don't let that fool you!

She is a fierce advocate for herself,

her children, and her students.

She has worked with so many children and families over the years -

her confidence is well-earned.

Reese Taylor


Reese is empathetic and encouraging.

With so many options available,

it can get overwhelming.Reese will help you get a basic understanding of what the choices are. Then help you slow down and listen to your inner wisdom so you can choose what is right for your family.

Renee Flanagan

Renee's sense of humor is the first thing

you will notice about her.

Her big laugh is infectious.

But Renee's confidence

is the thing about her that is truly contagious.

When Renes is around

you feel like you can do anything!

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