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PSA/PSP Option

Instead of using a Charter School...

Filing a Public School Affidavit (PSA) with the State of CA is the path that offers you the greatest amount of flexibility. A new PSA must be filed every October. Instructions for completing the form can be found here

If you decide to file a PSA, you will:

  • Select and pay for any classes you want your child to take

  • Develop a plan and choose curriculum

  • Keep records of your child's classes and achievements

If you choose this option, there are a plethora of resources available to you, and tons of local groups to support you. Click here to see just a few!

PSP stands for Private School Satellite Program. These are organizations that file the paperwork with the state of CA for you. They are the technically the record holders for your child. And many of them offer legal support if needed. They take a fairly hands off approach for the most part, but will answer any questions you have or offer specific support if asked. Click here for a list of options.

PSA/PSP Option: Activities
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