Upcoming Events

Come join us for these exciting community gatherings!

Outside Dinner

ACE Open House


January 19, at 11AM

We hope you will join us!

Meeting ID: 817 8804 9857
Passcode: kindness

This event is for anyone curious about

Spring 2022 at ACE!

Come meet the teachers,

hear about their course offerings,

ask questions about our Covid protocols,

tell us about your homeschooling needs, and catch our vibe!

See you then!
Martha, Reese, Lynn and Renee

Safety First

First Day of Spring Classes

We're so excited to announce that our Spring semester will start on January 31, 2022,

with in-person classes on both

Mondays and Wednesdays.

All in-person families should get

a covid test before returning to classes.

You can find a location near you at covidclinic.org.

Tuesday and Thursday

will continue to be held online via Zoom

and will also begin that week.

Learn more about how we're staying safe during our

in-person classes by clicking the button below.

Elbow Greeting