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Tiffany Lamb

Tiffany is passionate about teaching kids how their bodies work, while showing them how to make fitness fun for life. As a certified personal trainer and licensed massage therapist, she believes getting in tune with their bodies gives kids so much confidence. As a homeschooling mother of two, she knows it takes a lot of patience and compassion to guide kids through life and learning opportunities both in the classroom and out of it. She is excited about the subjects she teaches and like to share that joy with her students.

Tiffany has over 8 years of experience teaching homeschool classes. She has a passion for education that motivates her to provide fun and engaging classes for her students to keep their love of learning strong. With a background in fitness, anatomy, and massage, she often coaches PE classes. When teaching other subjects she likes to bring some physical activity to the classroom to keep bodies and minds active while learning. Manners, respect, and kindness are the top rules in her classroom, as well as communication.

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