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Dave Christensen

Growing up, founder Dave Christensen was inspired by his teachers’ outside-the-box teaching methods. Teaching kids doesn’t always fit into a rigid curriculum, so Dave went on to write and adapt his original curriculum to fit any group of learners, and it has proven highly successful.
"Unique Lessons for Your One-Of-A-Kind Child"  truly sums up what Dave and his teaching style are all about.   He is patient and keeps his class sizes small to ensure every child gets the attention they deserve.
Dave has been a music educator for over 20 years, and has helped dozens of students on their way to careers in music. He received his BA in English and Music from DePaul University in Chicago.   Dave is an active songwriter, music producer and performer and was involved in the film industry for 10 years as a composer, proofreader and librarian, noting one of his career highlights as working for Disney on films like Big Hero Six and Frozen.  He enjoys the support of his wonderful wife, currently on the PTA board as the Reflections chair.  His 2 boys bring him much joy and laughter, one being a drummer that collaborates with Dave on many of his projects.  Recently overcoming cancer and chemotherapy, Dave’s zest for living and his philosophy of enjoying what you do in this life permeates his personality and teaching style.  Dave teaches music classes for ACE, Adlife and Outschool, as well as private lessons in piano, ukulele, guitar, drums, bass, mandolin, songwriting and music production.  He is looking forward to sharing his knowledge with you!


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