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We're blessed to have an incredible array of botanical gardens, science, and art museums around Los Angeles. In this class, we'll strive to take advantage of them by exploring the lessons and resources their exhibits, scientists and curators provide.  Each month we dive into a different museum or garden, opening up curiosity and exploring knowledge that your student will be able to take with them on their next visit, in person! 


Here are a few examples of what we will be exploring:


The California Science Center (free every day)


Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County (free to L.A. County residents 3-5 pm Mon-Fri) 

  • MAGNIFICENT MINERALS: The NHM has thousands of gems, minerals, rocks, and meteorites, from across the globe. We'll investigate how geologists find and classify rocks and minerals, and strive to understand these stunning specimens, and how they showcase the beauty and diversity of Earth’s building blocks.
  • VISIBLE VAULT OF THE ANCIENT AMERICAS: We'll be exploring archeological findings from advanced civilizations like the Aztec, Maya, and Inca, and seeking to understand the stories they tell.

  • BECOMING LOS ANGELES: Exploring how people, place, and possibility helped create the city of Los Angeles.

  • L.A. UNDERWATER: The Prehistoric Sea Beneath Us


The Huntington Library, Art Museum and Botanical Gardens (free the first Thurs of the month, but books up quickly)

  • THE ROSE HILLS FOUNDATION CONSERVATORY FOR BOTANICAL SCIENCE: Delve into the strange and wonderful world of plants.
  • A VAST LIBRARY: Exploring the history of science and technology
  • EUROPEAN, ASIAN AND AMERICAN ART:  We'll highlight and explore some of the peices and artists from Huntington's vast collections. 
  • BORDERLANDS: Exploring "the relationship between art and land with respect to artistic materials, the movement of artists and objects, and how depictions of the landscape can express and affect our relation to it—and to each other,”
  • MINEO MIZUNO: Exploring California-based Japanese American artist Mineo Mizuno’s site-specific sculptures


As we discover in the classroom, my hope is to assist our students to relate what they read, see, and experience to themselves, to the world around them, and to other previous experiences, to form deeper, personal connections. This class will have an online class site for additional learning and resources. (See my online site for ACE's A Passion for Science from last semester for reference.)


I also hope to encourage community by helping to plan a visit to the location we are learning from once a month for families that wish to participate. Rather than an actual monthly ACE Field Trip, these will be more flexible and open, inclusive to anyone you want to bring along, with the hopes of fostering community and friendships.


*There is an Older Edition of this class at 1pm for 3-6 so siblings can learn and explore the same topics,  taylored to their age and development. 



Connections: Art and Science in the World Around Us, JR Edition K-3

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