Los Angeles

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Our Teachers are Passionate Educators

Martha Zittel

Our fearless leader and the reason we are teaching classes on the beautiful campus of the McGroarty Art Center. A true visionary with years of experience, Martha has the ability to bring any subject to life in exciting new ways. Her classes are easy favorites. And because Martha has such a wholistic view of her role as an educator, her classes not only teach children mastery of a subject but also create space for kids to be kids and thrive.

Reese Coli

Excited about learning, Reese is happiest when she is able to explain a complex concept to a child in a way they understand, help them see the magic in the sciences, and feel empowered by their own creativity or grasp of a topic. She believes all children are built to learn and it is her job to tap into that natural ability.

Lynn Hayes

Lynn was a professional theatre director in Chicago (including at the prestigious Goodman Theatre) and Los Angeles (including at International City Theatre in Long Beach), and also directed youth at both the elementary grade and college level before becoming a mom. She homeschooled her children through their early years and now enjoys teaching other people’s kids! Lynn holds a BA in Theatre and Communications from the University of Pittsburgh. She has a passion for the classics, especially Shakespeare (her two kids have Shakespearean names)! Lynn uses her theatrical background to teach kids using fun, playful activities! Outside of teaching, one of her favorite things to do is to explore our National Parks with her family.

Olivia Spencer

Olivia Spencer has been homeschooling her daughter for the past 5 years, and teaching classes for homeschoolers for the past several years. Her teaching style is heavily influenced by Waldorf education and she uses plenty of literature based learning as well. Olivia's history classes are a unique adventure. They are typically longer than the average class so that she can dive deep with students and allow them to learn a subject by experiencing it through various modalities: listening, creating, problem solving, building, drawing, map making, etc. She also teaches our herbalism camp and has studied the medicinal uses of plants for the last few years.

Kristina Haile

For over a decade Kristina has been homeschooling, worldschooling, and facilitating the education of her three children.   She has a background in Child and Family studies, Parent Education and creative movement. Her passion lies in nurturing confidence in her students through hands-on immersive learning that goes beyond the boundary of subject and encourages them to draw on all of their skills.  A strong believer in exercising the whole brain and the whole body; she has lead a wide variety of classes for homeschoolers ranging from PE to poetry.

Tiffany Lamb

Tiffany is going into her 8th year teaching homeschool classes. She has a passion for education that motivates her to provide fun and engaging classes for her students to keep their love of learning strong. With a background in fitness, anatomy, and massage, she most often coaches PE classes. When teaching other subjects she likes to bring some physical activity to the classroom to keep bodies and minds active while learning. Manners, respect, and kindness are the top rules in her classroom, as well as communication.

Edie Jacobs

Edie has been teaching pottery at the McGroarty Arts Center for years and we are lucky to get to benefit from her patience and expertise.

Aaron Clarke

Aaron Clarke is a one of a kind instructor known for his energetic personality and passion for teaching.  With more than 10 years of experience in child care and youth sports fitness, he has directed sports programs for LAUSD, L.A Parks & Recreations , and youth centers all around Los Angeles.  After playing competitive basketball in college, Aaron wanted to get back to the fun of just enjoying sports and games.  With a huge emphasis on balance, eye hand coordination, and overall body control, Aaron began teaching many different sports as well as running Summer camp programs.  The ability to create fun and exciting group games and challenges is the reason the kids can’t get enough of his class.  One of Aaron’s biggest joys is helping children gain confidence in their day to day life through sports and team activities.  Always going above and beyond to make sure his students are comfortable interacting and having fun with one another.  This class is sports and fitness tailored for the homeschool world.