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World War II was a monumental event that has shaped the world we live in today, making it crucial for us to investigate its impact and significance.

Throughout this course, we will explore the prelude of the war, we will work on a timeline, the facts, stories, and consequences of World War II from various perspectives. 

We will read about the Battles and examine the experiences of both the winning and losing sides, recognizing that the war's effects extended far beyond borders and alliances.

From the rise of the Nazi party and the horrors of Auschwitz , the diary of Anne Frank to the internment camps of Japanese Americans, and the leadership of figures like Roosevelt, Rosie the Riveter, Churchill and Hitler, we'll  dive into aspects of this global conflict.  We will analyze the attempts of the United States to remain neutral, and the top-secret Manhattan Project that ultimately led to the development of the atomic bomb..

As part of our studies, students will have the opportunity to prepare presentations, allowing them to dig deeper into specific aspects of World War II and share their insights with the class.



WWII: The Rise and Fall of Empires 6-12

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