Come and join us for a time of reading, discussion , comprehension and fun. Children will learn to share their experiences as readers while learning the lives and times of Historical Figures.  We will  read outside of class. 


The WHO WAS? series is vast and rich. I own a rotating library I will bring to class.  Children will take home a  book each week and they will return it the following so their peers will have a chance to read it. Each book is about 100 pages (including illustrations).


We’ll  also venture in recognizing different tools that writers use , like settings, characters, plot, dialogue, problem solving, rhyme, metaphors and more.   Creative writing is one of the best ways for children to explore their world and bring it forth. 



PEN WRITER’S TOOLBOX (click here for link) by Nancy Loewen is our Textbook. Bring a pencil and a Notebook too!

Who Was? Books & Writer's Toolbox Club