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If your child took this class last semester, I recommend they continue since it is a really good self and group steem builder. 


How many of you remember your teenage years and have memories of fully belonging to your body?  Those years can be challenging and they can mark us throughout our lives. Learning to listen and team up with the body during this time will help your teens to take the space they deserve and gently direct their emotions. When we actively engage the body, we learn to cope with waves of feelings and we can bring ourselves back to a place of tolerance. In this class we will explore a somatic education by listening to our bodies through specific movement exercises, yoga, mindfulness and the study of the anatomical systems in the body. 


We will:

* Learn to recognize our current body vocabulary, our patterns and expressions that make our movement profile  

*Challenge those movement patterns

*Learn to expand our movement repertoire,  increasing resilience and enhancing our ability to manage stress.

*Integrate those new movement patterns into our daily lives.


Balance and alignment in the body brings balance in the mind and mindful experiences will bring peace to that mind. Let's help our teens to not fall for the false narrative of being unworthy. We all have the right to be here, to take space and to be loved and to love. If nothing else, we are here to fully belong to our bodies the way our bodies belong to us. 


Materials needed:

  • Comfortable clothes
  • Journal

The Embodied Teen: Body-Mind Awareness