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Speakers League clubs provide a fun environment where children develop public speaking and leadership skills. Though mentored by an adult who conducts periodic training segments, the meetings are run by the kids themselves. The meeting format includes rotating opportunities for extemporaneous speaking, prepared speeches, peer evaluation, meeting management, and support roles. Children may join at any time, starting at the same beginning point and working independently through four levels. They develop and present seven speeches in each level to learn and demonstrate essential speaking skills. Online meetings teach students to maximize their online presence and demonstrate business skills and professionalism. Students also receive full access to the Speakers League training portal, with training videos, sample speeches, quizzes, and more.


Tuition includes a member handbook, access to the training portal, and participation in SLAM (Speakers League Annual Meet), an optional full-day online event at the end of the school year. SLAM includes speech contests, inviting participation from other Speakers League clubs from all over the US and other countries.

Speakers League