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No experience is necessary!


The power of a sewing machine is electrifying. Every time a child learns how to handle a machine I see their eyes widen with the possibilities. This class is for kids that want to work on their sewing skills and get into garment sewing. We will start with some basic projects before venturing into fashion. One of the best ways to learn to handle a sewing machine is making dolls (or plush toys). It is not as big as making clothes, and it builds the children's confidence. 


In this 90 minute class we will learn safety around a sewing machine, the basics of hand sewing, the anatomy of clothes, different types of fabric, troubleshooting our machine. We will learn how to read patterns, how to sew in a jiffy and how to use a machine that can transform your life!  Come and join a circle of hand crafters! Conversations develop while friendships grow. 


If you don’t have a sewing machine, investing in one is the best present you can ask for, since you will be using it for many years to come, or just promise your mom you will take care of hers when you bring it to class.


Your child needs to bring a sewing machine to class. I do recommend the one below. It is small, but sturdy and affordable.  It is light enough to carry around. Of course, you do not need to buy a new one, if you own one, make sure it is in top shape and your kid can bring it in. 






  • FASHION DESIGN BOOK by Amie Petronis
  • FABRIC: A trip to Joann's Fabric for 3 yards of different  fabric designs that your child will get to pick for their clothes. Eventually they will need more, but we will let you know with plenty of time.

Sewing School: We Make Clothes