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Unschooling is a great way to allow all the time in the world to settle into your kids hearts and let them choose truly what they are passionate about. Unschooling with a bunch of friends? Well that is super fun.  We are happy to open our drop off fUnschooling days at the park. During our 3 hours of play, we will offer spaces for children where their creativity will blossom.  Waldorf Math and ELA will be part of our day in a structured, but not constricted way. We will also provide arts, crafts, building materials, collective games, legos, story time. Children will also have access to the whole playground, making this day a special time to share with friends while learning without even noticing it.


During our Math period the focus will be on creative, PLAYful ways of building comfort and fluency with numbers and processes. We’ll use art, rhythm, nature, games, crafts, mental math, stories and more in order to engage curiosity, appeal to different learning styles, and activate different parts of the brain. During the ELA time, we will explore stories and use peg dolls, rocks, art, paper engineering and clay to construct a world of imagination and the possibilities that the expression of language can bring. 


This is a sweet way to connect and to allow children to learn the way they need to. They will have plenty of freedom, while we help them navigate social interactions. Pack a lunch, they will be having a picnic every week!


Grades 1-3:


The four processes 

Form drawing

Measuring Geometry


Grades 4-6:




Form drawing

Geometry and compass art


**Please note, fUnschool will be 12 weeks long - We will start the week of Jan 22, like the other classes,

but it ends on May 3. This will allow a three week cushion for makeup classes in case there are any big storms that prevent us from going to the park!**


Fall dates for fUnschool:

January 26

Feb 2, 9

March 1, 2, 8, 15, 22

April 12, 19,26

May 3. 

Friday fUnschooling!

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