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Unschooling is a great way to allow all the time in the world to settle into your kids hearts and let them choose truly what they are passionate about. Unschooling with a bunch of friends? Well that is super fun.  We are happy to open our drop off fUnschooling days at the park. During our 3 hours of play, we will offer spaces for children where their creativity will blossom.  . We will also provide arts, crafts, building materials, collective games, legos, story time. Children will also have access to the whole playground, making this day a special time to share with friends while learning without even noticing it.



This is a sweet way to connect and to allow children to learn the way they need to. They will have plenty of freedom, while we help them navigate social interactions. Pack a lunch, they will be having a picnic every week!





**Please note, fUnschool will be 10 weeks long - 

We will start the on Friday Sep 13


Fall dates for fUnschooling

Sep 13, 20, 27

Oct 4, 11, 25, 

Nov 1, 8, 22

De 6. 

 This will allow a 2 week cushion for makeup classes in case there are any big storms that prevent us from going to the park!**



Friday fUnschooling!

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