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With this class, I am starting a series of applied Earth Science classes where we will explore different facets of how we, as humans living on this planet, are affected by all the relations between the Earth rhythms and us. 


The Sun, our nearest and dearest star is the first of these classes. Based on the book Chasing the Sun by Linda Geddes we will dive in the science of the Sun and how its light shapes our bodies and our minds. This book is packed with amazing information and applicable learning for the kids' future. I wish I knew more about the Sun and how it affected me when I was their age. I would have followed my circadian rhythms earlier in life. Students will learn sleep hygiene, the need to soak up some rays and the chemistry of making vitamin D while being safe to our skin and the protection factors. We will talk about clocks for society, how the sun shapes our eyes, how to finetune our own body to our Sun and much more. 


There will be reading, lots of discussions and some writing.  I am beyond happy to explore this topic with the kids. 


Please buy the book: Chasing the Sunlight

Earth Science: The Sun, the Circadian Rhythms and Your Health