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This is a continuation from Fall semester and will cover new material. Please note that it is not necessary to have been in the class during Fall semester. 


1st-3rd graders

This is a year-long class. 


Children are natural storytellers! We will harness their creative energy to help them practice their fine motor skills and gently work to build their handwriting skills. Every child has different skills at this age and each will be allowed to go at their own pace. The instructor will provide as much or as little support as needed. If your child is ready for cursive we can explore that as well! In the end, they will have a lovely collection of writing and drawing samples for you to keep. We will start by using Draw Write Now! Book 1. We will also take mini field trips around campus to collect, draw, and write about things we see in nature.


Materials required:


If you aren’t sure if this class is right for your child or if you are unsure which book to purchase please feel free to text me!

Draw Write Now

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