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Welcome to our cozy crochet and embroidery class!

Whether you're a seasoned yarn enthusiast or brand new to the craft, you're in for a delightful journey of creativity and skill-building.

In the first six weeks of our class, we'll get into the wonderful world of crochet. From mastering basic stitches to honing your skills, you'll learn everything you need to create beautiful pieces. Once you're comfortable and confident with the stitches, we'll embark on exciting projects like scarves, hats, and small throw blankets. Get ready to wrap yourself in warmth and handmade charm!

In the second half of our class, we'll switch gears and explore the art of embroidery. From simple stitches to intricate designs, you'll learn the basics of this timeless craft. Our end goal? To embroider a unique and personal sampler that showcases your newfound skills and creativity.

So grab your hooks, needles, and favorite yarns – let's stitch, create, and make memories together! Whether you're crafting for relaxation, self-expression, or the sheer joy of making something beautiful, this class is your opportunity to let your creativity soar.

Note that this class is 2 hr long.



Crochet & Embroidery Club Ages 10+

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