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Writing is about telling a story. What is your story? What story would you like to share with the world? Using your imagination and personal experiences, we will explore the world of creative writing in a compelling and exciting way. This is a wonderful opportunity for the student to enjoy the writing process, whether it's a special concept you've always had or a personal experience you would like to explore, this class will teach you how to become a dynamic storyteller. We will also read from passages from published material, so we can also learn from the great writers of our time. We will discuss what you love about writing and what makes a great story. We will also explore different genres of fiction: realistic contemporary fiction, fantasy, historical, surrealism, comedy, and others.  Students will have the opportunity to explore innovative creative writing exercises; past exercises include: writing down dreams, Halloween stories, poetry, comic book stories, stories about animals and more. You will not only learn tools to become a better writer, but you will also learn how to have fun during the process.  

Creative Writing

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