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In this class we will learn how to make stop motion animations using clay and other materials such as Lego, paper, paints, and whatever else they come up with. Students will work together in small groups to create their films learning everything from planning out their frames to lighting to using editing apps. 


The clay we'll be using for this class is modeling clay which comes in a wide variety of beautiful colors and is really easy to work with. The clay doesn't dry out so it's the perfect material for our students to be able to work on longer projects from week to week. 


Materials needed:

  • Clay tools and something to carry tools (a school box is good for carrying tools) Something like this would be good

  • Students may need other materials as we go, depending on what they decide to do in their films

  • Optional: I have a few devices that can be used for filming, but if your student has their own smartphone/tablet they can use, that is recommended if they don't want to have to share. The app I recommend is called Stop Motion Studio. The Pro version is about $6 and gives them a lot more options for filming! 

Claymation & Stop Motion (2 hrs)