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Neil DeGrasse Tyson's Astrophysics for Young People in a Hurry is the basis of our Earth Science continuing class. The book disguises itself in an easy read, but it is jam packed with extraordinary concepts worth exploring to remind the kids that we are made of the same particles in this Universe, and that maybe this is not the only Universe there is. Throughout out our 14 weeks together, I will ask students to prepare presentations (not matter how humble they are) so they can connect with the power of research and public speaking. Do not worry, if your child is the kind that prefers not to present, they can still do the research and share it with me (and I will share it with the group. I would have loved be an Astrophysicist, so I am hoping the kiddos leave with a sense of awe of this Planet, System, Galaxy and the Universe we are so fortunate to witness.


Please buy the book and do not let them read it.

We are going to proceed BOOK CLUB style and I need all the kids to read together.


Materials needed:

Astrophysics: Our Place in the Universe

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