Alternative Choices in Education 
April 16 - May 14, 2020

We are excited to open registration for additional online classes this spring!

Come play with us!

PE with Coach Aaron


Coach Aaron has such a great energy with the kids. You know this will be a fun class designed to help your kids move, but also help them feel safe and strong in their bodies.

Storytelling and Crafts with Tiffany

11am K-3rd Grades

This will be a lovely calming class where kids can listen to a stories and fave fun creating with their hands using materials you probably already have around your home.

PolyMaths (formerly Math Games) with Olivia

11am 3rd-6th Grades

This class is so great we wanted to offer a second day of it! My daughter can do math in her head because of this class and that has been extremely empowering for her.

Yoga with Tiffany

1pm K-3rd Grades

Tiffany has a really great pace with kids in this age group. And when she is teaching them yoga, it is about more than moving their bodies. It is about laughter and connection and discovery. The kids will learn to stretch and flop and stand strong all while being in community.

YOGA with Martha

1pm 3rd-6th Grades

Children are always eager to be in a calm and serene place, they just need the space to step back and reset their emotions.

In this class, we will be learning exercise techniques, mindful movements and Yoga poses to help their little bodies be active  and their minds relax. In each class we will read a book related to Yoga or Mindfulness to help children navigate the vast array of feelings and emotions and to learn to watch them pass and learn to regulate themselves.

Studies show that children who are exposed to mindfulness practices demonstrate increased ability for self reflection, emotional regulation, and ability to focus on school work.

Come prepared to jump in comfortable clothes and bring a yoga mat and a bottle of water.

Exploring and Building with the Blocks of Language with Kristina

2pm 6th-9th grades

In this gentle vocabulary journey we will explore the history of English and then play around with Latin roots and prefixes. The goal of the class is to deconstruct big words and break them into recognizable pieces. Upon completion, instead of a list of new words memorized, we will each walk away with tools to better understand our beloved English language.

Academic Requirements

12 Noon - 2pm (this is a 2 hour class) 6th-9th grades

Whether your taste in comics is the Marvelverse, Telgemeier, or Manga, we can’t deny the increasing recognition of comics as an art form. From the pop culture presence of comic conventions across the world to its impact on the film industry, comic book art form is alive and well. In this class we will explore and appreciate the history of the comic book medium, learn basics of anatomy, character development, study visual story telling, and practice the essential mediums of penciling and inking giving you the foundations to start your own comic book series.

Form Drawing with Reese

2pm 3rd-6th Grades

Grab your colored pencils and join Reese on a journey through the Waldorf tradition of Form Drawing. We will be focusing on running forms and story telling. Your children will make some lovely patterns which will help them feel grounded and also improve their penmanship.


Join us!

Let's play, and learn, and grow together!

If this meets your needs and feels like a nice rhythm, our hope is to continue offering online classes on Thursdays in the fall.


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