Class Descriptions for Fall 2019

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inspired by the best: William Shakespeare

"All the world's a stage,

And all the men and women merely players"

(Jaques, Act 2 Scene 7)

Take a journey this fall to the Forest of Arden!  William Shakespeare's playful comedy, As You Like It, will be our inspiration for this creative writing course. 

We will strengthen our skills as writers by using techniques that Shakespeare used in his own work, including alliteration, anaphora, apostrophe, assonance, hyperbole, metaphor, oxymoron and simile. Students will also learn how to analyze a work of literature by identifying the key elements of character, setting, plot and theme. We will write our own modern day interpretation of this timeless play, and even try to pen our own poetry in the iambic pentameter style that Shakespeare perfected!

PREREQUISITE: Student must be able to read and write independently in order to be enrolled in this class.

White Flowers


In this class, students will act out excerpts from William Shakespeare's laughter-filled comedy, As You Like It. They will learn about Shakespeare's life and theatre as well as what goes into staging a play, including theatre vocabulary and design elements. We will embrace Shakespeare's language with passion and joy in a positive, nurturing environment! Through improvisational games and rehearsing with a script, their confidence with being onstage, handling Shakespearean text and ability to collaborate will grow. At the end of the semester, students will perform these scenes for their peers and parents.
HOMEWORK: Students will need to memorize their lines outside of class time (around 30 minutes a week).
PREREQUISITE: Student must be able to read independently in order to be enrolled in this class.



Do you want to learn how children celebrate their day in Japan? are you curious about Holi or the spring festival of India? Do you want to celebrate the Day of the Dead in Mexico and steer a gondola in Venice?
In this class, based on Rachel Williams book, children will travel the world through a collection of natural wonders, exciting experiences and fun festivities from the four corner of the world.
Get your passport ready! 
Let’s go visit lost of countries during their most beautiful festivals. We can travel in the Fall, the Winter, the Spring and the Summer. We will listen to stories , make crafts .
Please buy the book.

Science Museum Space Exploration


Do you know there is a Whale and a Heart in Pluto? How much would you weight in Jupiter? How fast is Light? Do you think humans will get to live on Mars?
Space has been explored since the beginning of Humankind.  In this class we will:
Study the civilizations that made great contributions to Astronomy. 
Meet some amazing scientist that made possible space traveling. 
Travel trough space and visit our Solar System and go beyond it to see all the surprises that await us in deep Space.
Study stars, galaxies and constellations and the myths behind them. 
What comets, meteors and meteorites are made of .
Visit  Moon and its phases.
And we will all learn about space travel and all the people that have made it possible.
Along the way, we will design our own space suits and rocket ships .Easy experiments, crafts and art will be a big part of our travels.   LEGO’s will be used to build space crafts. I am quite excited about this class. I did not get to be an astronaut but my passion for Astronomy remains!
Please note this class is intended for the entire year.
Your child will need a blank notebook.

Fortune Telling Cards


Get your Magic ready and let the Sorting Hat ceremony begin! 
We are about to embark in the world of Harry Potter and explore Science-Technology-Engineering-Art-Math and social studies through Astronomy, Charms, Arts, Herbology, History of Magic, Muggle Studies, Potions, Alchemy and Arithmancy. 
Come and join us and become part of the Hogwarts School through math puzzles, science experiments, lots of games, arts and crafts, beginning with our own wands, hats and quills! 
There will be lots of dueling by quizzing our knowledge in the series, which makes kids want to read the Harry Potter Books.
This is one of my favorite classes! It is so dynamic because children allow me to share many subjects of general and specific knowledge under the disguise of Wizardly fun through the world and characters created by J.K.Rowling.  Have you ever baked muffins and secretly add zucchini to them? This class is just like that: It's a very rich mix of fun and learning. COME PREPARED FOR BOTH!

Forest Lake


This 2-hour class will be a genuine adventure! Following in Lewis and Clark’s epic footsteps, we will study nature, geography and American history. We will use math to figure out distances, travel times and how much food we’ll need to purchase and pack. We will get an up-close look at many Native American tribes; at Thomas Jefferson, the president who commissioned the expedition; and a young country that had not yet gone to war with itself. Everything we see and learn will be illustrated and/or written about in our travel journals: maps and plant studies, scientific and cultural discoveries and, of course, letters home!

Still Life with a Guitar


This class is designed for students with little or no previous study on Spanish. During the session, students will learn the basic language vocabulary and expressions. We focus on all four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing - all depending on the group's level. Culture is an integral part of the course and is introduced through the use of media, games, readings and class discussions.
There are two main objectives to the course: First, to give the students the ability to carry on a simple conversation. Second, to provide the students with instruction that teaches a basic understanding of Spanish culture, vocabulary, and grammatical concepts. Homework could be assigned, and its completion is a must. It is integral part of this course; they reinforce concepts introduced in class. Active participation is required.

Geometric Shapes


This class will have the potential to count for high school credit. Call Reese (818-434-1422) for details! Each student will get a notebook at the beginning of class, which they will fill with notes on geometric concepts. We will cover shapes, angles, lines of symmetry, 3 dimensional shapes, angle sum theorems (inquiry based), how to bisect a line, how early mathematicians discovered a way to calculate the circumference of a circle (inquiry based), how various cultures use math in art, etc. Students will improve their note taking and drawing skills and have a beautiful book of geometry to show for all their hard work by the end of the class. Pre-requisite: students must be proficient in basic math skills.

Botanic Illustrator


This class will have the potential to count for high school credit. Call Reese (818-434-1422) for details! Come learn about how trees communicate with one another, the structure of animals cells, how blood caries oxygen, the classification of living things, etc. in this introductory class to biology.

Stack of Newspapers


News and Media Literacy

This class will have the potential to count for high school credit. The universe of information we live in is a complicated web of messages with a mind-blowing array of sources, biases, and agendas.  This class is designed to help students develop the news and media literacy skills they need to recognize high-standards journalism so they can make informed judgments about the information coming at them. Students get practical skills to help them identify and deal with misinformation, bias, opinion, and more.  The class will challenge students to take a critical look at all these sources of constructed messaging and to create sound arguments of their own.  Through simulations, vocabulary-building activities, discussions, historical analysis, and real-world applications we will come away with a deeper understanding of social influencers and quality journalism.  

This class will require extra work outside the classroom and a desire to participate.  Due to the nature of the class, current events will be discussed as they arise with no topic being off limits.  High School elective credits maybe available depending on your charter.


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