We are adding online classes on Thursdays!

Some of our families have asked us to consider offering classes on a second day each week. We have decided to do exactly that by offering some fun online classes 

Thursdays - April 16th - May 14th!

We want this to be beneficial to everyone involved: kids, teachers, and families,

so in the spirit of right livelihood we are only asking for donations.

If you have left over charter school funds and can pay full price ($85) excellent.

If not we don't want that to prevent you from joining us.

Families paying out of pocket can make a donation, 

we suggest $50 for all 5 weeks that's $10 per class.

But no one will be turned a way due to lack of funds.

This is meant to be an offering where all parties involved can thrive!

Let's experiment and grow together as a community during this interesting time in history!


Los Angeles

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